BOSS Linux – an Indian Linux Distro

October 5, 2007

BOSS Linux Gnome Desktop with gedit, sodulu and gDesklets on Show
BOSS is an Indian Linux distro based on Debian, its current version is BOSS 2.0. It has among other things Beryl Desktop Manager, pigdin IM, Open Office and most importantly support for regional Indian languages(Hindi, Tamil, Marathi & Punjabi). Its been developed by National Resource Centre For Free/Open Source Software at the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing’s (CDAC) centre at Chennai, India. The ultimate aim is to localise BOSS into all 22 of the official Indian Languages.

This is an unofficial user blog for BOSS. I hope people find this blog of use, I am going to try to put up tutorials and other such helpful stuff here 🙂
NRCFOSS’s website
BOSS Linux’s Website
CDAC’s Website