Urban Terror (UrT) – Free First Person Shooter Game on BOSS Linux

April 12, 2008

Urban Terror is a free First Person Shooter (FPS) than runs on Windows, Linux & Mac. Gameplay is superfast with lots of moves like wall jumping and power sliding adding to the fun. The game also has a realistic stamina system, you cant sprint around non-stop for long. Getting injured results in permanent stamina loss. The thing i liked the most about the game is the array of gameplay modes it supports. Theres Capture the Flag(CTF) where each team tries to capture the other’s flag while defending its own. Theres Bomb mode, Free For All(FFA), Team Deathmatch (TDM), Team Survivor(TS), Capture and Hold(C&H), Follow the Leader. CTF, TDM, TS & Bomb are popular.

The weapons are realistic, you get a knife, primary , secondary weapons and other stuff like Grenades, Kevlar vests and helmets among other hardware 🙂 . The Remington SR-8 is a favorite among snipers. There are two teams blue and red.

Theres also a wide variety of maps. Here are a few screen shots:

Urban Terror - Loading Map

This is what the screen looks like as a map(Riyadh by .EXE) gets loaded. hellsheaven.co.za are nice folks hosting the server, they’ve got a clan going. Theres many other servers and clans too.

Urban Terror UrT 4.1 Map Riyadh Team DM Screenshot on BOSS Linux

Another screenshot from the game, this is the Blue Team spawn area in Riyadh.

Urban Terror is a Quake 3 mod by Frozen Sand LLC, it can be downloaded free of cost from here.

Running Urban Terror is simple, download and extract the .zip installer for Linux & Mac users. The .zip installer is a BIG file at 720MB, buts its less than half the size of America’s Army. You’ll find ioUrbanTerror.i386 and ioUrbanTerror.x86_64 in it. If you’re running a 32-bit Linux installation (just about everyone running BOSS Linux is) you’ll be using ioUrbanTerror.i386, for 64-bit Linux installations use ioUrbanTerror.x86_64. You’ll need to enable execution for the file by right clicking it select Properties go to the Permissions tab and clicking the Allow executing file as a program checkbox.

I had some trouble running Urban Terror with Beryl enabled, some parts of the screen flickered. Just turn off beryl and you’ll be fine.

Urban Terror does have an offline mode, you’ll need to press ~ at the start up screen and type /bot_enable 1 at the prompt. Then start server. One the game starts you can add bots by pressing ~ again and typing /addbot chicken repeat this to add more bots. Do note however that bots are no longer supported and may cause crashes. Besides its more fun to play online against real people.

All in all Urban Terror is a fun game, which is very addictive.

Update: I have ended up with  “No server list from Master Server” on the servers page quite a few times now, its quite a pain! You can always connect to the servers directly. First you’ll have to look up server IP addresses, I used http://topservers.beer-garden.org/ut.php . They’ve got a list of popular servers. Once you have the IP, bring down the console by pressing ~ and type connect ip_address_of_server

It’ll connect you to the server, the only issue I have faced with this is i only see the ping after connecting!