Change the Appearance of your BOSS GNU/Linux Desktop

The video below is by a BOSS User who goes by the name CDACBOSS on Youtube. It shows how to change the look of BOSS GNU/Linux Desktop.

Click here to view more videos by CDACBOSS.


2 Responses to Change the Appearance of your BOSS GNU/Linux Desktop

  1. satish says:

    Dear Sir – Namaste

    Thanks for your efforts to popularize boss. But will you please let us know who provide DVD by courier as by indian standards downloading of such a huge package is near impossible. Govt. agencies are not prompt to deliver DVD. Can we try to freely distribute this after getting one piece. If everyone decides to distribute 10 dvds we can spread this OS very easily. So please let me know the source for this so i can distribute it my home town at least.

    • mybosslinuxblog says:

      Yes, you may distribute BOSS GNU/Linux freely.

      Call the nearest Support Centre and ask for a DVD

      If that doesn’t work, then downloading is the only way.

      There are websites that mail BOSS DVDs for a fee, have a look here. This particular website only has BOSS 3.0 for now, but you can try getting in touch with them about BOSS 4.0 here. There are other website apart from this one, but based on a quick Google search this one seems to have a latest version as compared to others (which have BOSS 2.0!).

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