Add Debian Multimedia Repositories to you BOSS 4.0 Installation

BOSS is derived from Debian, BOSS 4.0 Savir is derived from Debian 6.0(Squeeze). With the previous versions of BOSS installing packages from Debian repositories almost always led to a broken apt due various incompatibilities. However, BOSS 4.0 seems to have overcome this, I’ve been able to install Avidemux on BOSS 4.0 after having added the Debian Multimedia Repositories to BOSS 4.0. The Debian Multimedia Repositories contain multimedia packages that are not included in the Debian’s main/contrib/non-free repositories due to patents and other problems. Avidemux is a cross platform video editing tool, it currently is not present in the BOSS 4.0 Savir repositories. Heres how I installed Avidemux on BOSS 4.0 from the Debian Multimedia Repositories:

Open root terminal(Applications>Accessories>Root Terminal), then type

#gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

sources.list contains the software repositories you BOSS GNU Linux installation is set to look up for packages, we’ll add the Debian Multimedia repository here by typing in the following line at the end of the file:

deb squeeze main non-free

Save the file and then close gedit.

Then back on the root terminal type the following command to download the Debian Multimedia keyring:

Then type the following command to install the keyring on your machine:

#dpkg -i debian-multimedia-keyring_2010.12.26_all.deb

You are now all set to update your apt-cache(this is a list of available software) so as to include the Debian Multimedia Packages, type the following command to update apt.
#apt-get update.

Thats it, you now have access to Debian’s Multimedia Repositories on you BOSS 4.0 installation. You can now open up Synaptic and install packages from the Debian Multimedia Repositories or use aptitude or apt-get to do so.

Avidemux on BOSS4 Screenshot

Avidemux on BOSS4 Screenshot

Heres a link on converting videos for playing them on Nokia phones using Avidemux: The how to describes the conversion process using Avidemux on Windows, but the steps are valid for the the Linux too.

Note: This is still a little risky, as there may be applications on the Debian Multimedia repositories which maybe incompatible with BOSS 4.0, so use it at your own risk and only if you really need it. I would suggest trying out package installation on a Virtual Machine before doing it on your main machine.


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