How to install firefox on BOSS Linux

February 20, 2011

BOSS GNU/Linux comes with Iceweasel installed by default. Iceweasel is a rebranded version of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. It can be found in Applications>Internet.

If you still need to install FireFox, you should first download the latest version from Mozilla’s page here. You will be downloading an archive, once the download is complete extract it, you’ll find file(shell script) named firefox in it. Double click and run it to use Firefox on BOSS Linux.

Screenshot of Firefox 3.6.13 running on BOSS Linux 3.1 Tejas

Screenshot of Firefox 3.6.13 running on BOSS Linux 3.1 Tejas

The following command will extract the archive:

$tar -xvf archivename

To add Firefox to the applications menu just as iceweasel is click System>Preferences>Main Menu. From the list of Menus in the frame on the left select Internet, then click New Item. Fill in the fields, you’ll have the give the menu item a name(firefox), click browse and select the firefox script in command, you can even click the icon on the left of the dialog and select the firefox icon from the icons folder in the firefox directory.

New Menu item for firefox in Alacarte Menu Editor

New Menu item for Firefox in Alacarte Menu Editor

This will create a menu entry for Firefox in Applications>Internet.

Menu Entry for Firefox

Menu Entry for Firefox

There you have it! Firefox installed and ready to run on your BOSS Linux machine.

Screenshot of Firefox running on BOSS Linux

Firefox running on BOSS Linux


To install Opera Web Brower on BOSS GNU Linux click here.


IP Address Configuration on BOSS Linux

February 20, 2011

Q. How to configure IP Address on BOSS Linux?

A. Edit the following file:




then enter root password, this file can only be edited by the root user.

#gedit /etc/network/interface

Here you’ll see the list of NICs that have been detected.

Now, to configure an IP Address on one of these NICs say, eth0, type the following

auto eth0

iface eth0 inet static

address ipaddresstobeassignedtomachine

netmask netmasktobeused

gateway gatewayipaddress

If you use DHCP instead of static IP addressing, replace static in the second line with dhcp and only type the first two lines, as the rest of the information will be obtained from the DHCP server. Remember to replace eth0 with the appropriate interface you are trying to configure in the first two lines.

Now restart networking using the following command

#/etc/init.d/networking restart

If you are using a DSL connection (most Broadband connections in India are DSL) and are having issues connecting to the Internet check if it is a DNS resolution related issue by ping-ing any website (say, and checking if the URL is getting resolved to an IP Address, if it is not then you need to “force” the DNS IP Addresses. DNS IP Addresses are usually provided by ISPs, however, you could use OpenDNS

Type the following commands to edit the /etc/resolv.conf file so as to add the above IP Addresses, it is here that the DNS information is stored:


#gedit /etc/resolv.conf

This should fix any DNS related issues.