BOSS GNU/Linux 4.0 Savir Beta released

January 26, 2011

The  new version of BOSS GNU/Linux – version 4.0 is set to be released soon. A beta version is already out. It promises better hardware & multimedia support with a newer kernel (2.6.32). This version has been named Savir. This release also comes with lots of newer packages  like OpenOffice 3.2, Gwibber 1.20, Cheese webcam booth 2.30.1 and GIMP 2.6.10 among others. The desktop has been upgraded GNOME 2.30.2. The beta also comes with a new theme: BossArt, for those who prefer the earlier theme(BossBlue) it is still available in themes gallery.

BOSS GNU/Linux v4.0 Savir comes with Firestarter firewall installed by default, the users can configure it by running the setup wizard found in System>Administration menu. Another new security feature is the named “BOSS Security Feature”, it allows you setup various security features like setting up a GRUB password, enabling SELinux, disabling removable devices like CD/DVD or USB devices. These would come in handy if you want to control access to your machine and keep it secure.

GRUB 2 is now used instead of the earlier version which has now come to be referred as grub-legacy. BOSS Savir also has a control centre which is a lot like the Control Panel from wind0ws, it lets the user perform most system configuration tasks. It also features ndisgtk, which a GUI front end to the ndiswrapper which allows you to use Wind0ws wireless drivers if the ones for Linux can’t be found.  Most people using DSL connections at some point of time try to setup pppoe connections at some point of time, the command to configure a pppoe connection on linux is pppoeconf, BOSS 4 Savir includes a shortcut to this command in the System>Administration menu. As always the option to include more packages from the Utility CD still exists, ever since BOSS has moved from being a CD based distribution to a DVD based distribution the BOSS Utility CD image has also been included in the install DVD.

The BOSS GNU/Linux – version 4.0 beta2 ISO is currently available at: or

An image showing the BOSS GNU/Linux 4 Savir Desktop

BOSS GNU/Linux 4 Savir Desktop

You could also test your skills at chess with GNU Chess on BOSS 4 Savir

Screenshot of GNUChess on BOSS GNU/Linux 4 Savir

GNUChess on BOSS GNU/Linux 4 Savir

Brasero Disc Burner is a part of the standard install, it should take care of all your CD burning needs.

A screenshot of Brasero Disc Burner on BOSS GNU/Linux 4 Savir

Brasero Disc Burner on BOSS GNU/Linux 4 Savir

F-Spot is also included

F-Spot Photo Manager

F-Spot Photo Manager on Savir