Using SCP to securely copy files over a network on BOSS GNU/Linux

SCP is used to Securely CoPy files over the network.

The syntax for copying a file from a remote computer onto your machine is:
scp -r <username@ipaddress:/path_to_file_at_source_computer> <destination>
the -r can be omitted if you are not copying directories.
Here username is the name of a user a/c on the computers between which the data is being transferred

To copy a file or directory from your machine to another machine on a network is:
scp -r <destination> <username@ipaddress:/path_to_file_at_source_computer>
Note that the -r option is only needed if its a directory thats being copied.

An example, I want to copy /home/boss/docs from a computer on the network with IP address onto my local machine(i.e., the machine iam using). I would use the following command:
scp -r boss@ .
Here boss is a user account on the computer I want to copy files from. On typing this command you’ll be prompted for the password to the account boss. Once thats done, you’ll see the files being copied from the source computer onto your current directory. The ‘.’ here us used to indicate the present working directory (pwd).You can replace it with any directory on your local computer that you can write into.


3 Responses to Using SCP to securely copy files over a network on BOSS GNU/Linux

  1. Why BOSS is graded as Dormant in Distrowatch is it true ?

    • mybosslinuxblog says:

      Its not dormant, they do have a release every year or so, just that it doesn’t get as much hype as other distros do.

    • mybosslinuxblog says:

      Last release mentioned on Distrowatch is v3.0, there have been at least two public releases post v3.0, i.e., v3.1 & EduBOSS, these have not been updated on Distrowatch. Been over 2 years since v3 released, long enough for BOSS to marked dormant.

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