EduBOSS – BOSS Linux for Schools

Article on EduBOSS in The Hindu


EduBOSS, a variant of BOSS, was built primarily to cater to the needs of educational institutions. It is based on the Debian Linux distribution and comes preloaded with educational applications developed at C-DAC Chennai.

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Its an old story, EduBOSS has been launched and is available for download from BOSS Linux’s site, but its informative nonetheless.

EduBOSS can be downloaded from here.


7 Responses to EduBOSS – BOSS Linux for Schools

  1. Subramanian Kaushik Gurumoorthy says:

    Hi ,

    It is good to see an Indian flavor of linus.

    But why they copy the same terminologies of Ubuntu.

    Like edubuntu –> EDU-BOSS.

    Actually I want to improve this linux edition, is there any way to do it.

    • mybosslinuxblog says:

      Yeah sure you can improve it, you’ll have to decide what kind of contributions you are going to be able to make(code,documentations etc) and then get in touch with the folks at Do post back once you have stuff…maybe we could do a review 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Iam a developer and working as a software engineer.
    I can both help in development and Document preperation

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