Internet access via proxy server on BOSS Linux

Most people have internet connections via a proxy server, for instance in schools and colleges or even offices. Configuring BOSS Linux to connect to the internet over a proxy server is simple.

Click on System>Preferences>Network Proxy

Enter you proxy server settings there(in the HTTP Proxy field), you’ll need the proxy server’s IP address, the port number (usually port 80 is used). If you proxy server has been setup to ask users for a user name and a password you’ll have to click the Details button and enter you user name and password. This information should be available with your Network Administrator.

Heres a video of the setting up Network Proxy Details in BOSS Linux (with the GNOME desktop environment). Note that these settings are not BOSS specific and should work on any Linux Distribution that has GNOME as the desktop Environment.

This video illustrates the procedure for setting up System wide network proxy settings on BOSS Linux. To access the internet through your network proxy using Iceweasel Web broswer all you have to do is click(in Iceweasel) Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Network>Settings… and select the Use System Proxy Settings button.


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    Nice info, thank’s for share

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