Sun VirtualBox on BOSS Linux

Heres a brief how to on installing Sun VirtualBox on EduBOSS,

1.Open a Root Terminal(Applications>Accessories>Root Terminal)
2.Add VirtualBox to apt sources.
#gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
add the line: deb lenny non-free
3.After saving the file and closing Gedit, Update apt.
#apt-get update
4.Download Sun’s public key for apt-secure from
5. Add it using the following command.
#apt-key add sun_vbox.asc
6.Now download and install VirtualBox 3.1 via apt-get(or via Synaptic Package Manager)
#apt-get install virtualbox-3.1
7.We’re done, exit out of the root terminal and open VirtualBox via
Applications>System Tools> Sun VirtualBox (if you don’t see the menu
option type VirtualBox on terminal, you’ll see the menu the next time
you login).

Here are two terms you’ll hear a lot related to Virtualization tools:

Host OS: This is the OS on which VirtualBox (or any other Virtualization Suite) is installed.

Guest OS: This refers to the OSes running within VirtualBox(or any other Virtualization Suite) on the Host OS.

Using a Virtualization tool has several advantages, lots of people use windows within VirtualBox while running Linux as the host operating system.  This allows them to access all their favorite windows applications from within Linux without having to reboot into windows each time. Virtualization technology has progressed to point where the speed differences between running an OS on actual hardware and in a Virtualized environment are more or less insignificant for most everyday applications(Office suites etc).

It can also let you try out different distributions without having to partition your hard disks.  Besides, it saves you from the hassle of having to burn DVDs each time you decide to try out a new OS.

You’ll need plenty of RAM though, have a look at the system requirements specifications of the distributions you are installing so that sufficient RAM can be assigned.

Heres a screenshot of a VirtualBox running on EduBOSS.

Screenshot displaying Sun VirtualBox running in EduBOSS

Sun VirtualBox on EduBOSS


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