Opera Web Browser for BOSS Linux – enjoy faster browsing speeds

October 27, 2008

For those of you who love using the opera web browser on Windows, theres good news 😉 Opera works on BOSS Linux (and many other distributions) too. You can download the Opera web browser from here. On the downloads page select Debian from the Select distribution and vendor drop down list and start the download. Once you’ve completed the download you can install it by right clicking the .deb package and installing using GDebi package installer, alternatively you can also use the command line dpkg command.

I’ve found Opera to be faster than Firefox on BOSS linux (both browsers running with default settings). Opera comes with a handy built in bit torrent client. For those of you who love firefox’s plug-ins (add-ons), Opera uses widgets, they are not the same as add-ons but which one you like is largely a matter of personal preference. Try it and if you don’t like it, theres always firefox to fall back on :).


BOSS Linux version 3 Tejas CD-ROM images now available for download

October 5, 2008

You can now download CD-ROM iso images for BOSS Linux version 3, Tejas from here.You’ll also find the Live CD iso image and the DVD image at the site. Theres also an iso for the Utility CD available.