Speeding up OpenOffice load / start up time

Ever wondered if you could speed up OpenOffice’s start up time? Heres a nifty little trick to reduce the time OpenOffice takes from the point of clicking the icon to the OpenOffice application getting loaded.

Start any of the applications from the OpenOffice suite (Writer, Impress, Base, Calc etc).

On the menubar click Tools and then Options

OpenOffice.org calc example screenshot

OpenOffice.org calc example screenshot

now under Options under the OpenOffice.org menu Click Java

OpenOffice.org calc screenshot

OpenOffice.org calc screenshot

and under Java options uncheck the checkbox titled Use a Java Runtime Environment. Click OK.

OpenOffice.org Calc screenshot

OpenOffice.org Calc screenshot

With this done OpenOffice will load in significantly less time than before. Most users dont need the Java Runtime environment so you can safely disable it, it can always be enabled in case some required functionality becomes unavailable.

(The screenshots are taken on BOSS Linux running the Mac4Lin theme.)

One Response to Speeding up OpenOffice load / start up time

  1. Sundar says:

    v.gud. with in a second its opening. thanks man

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