BOSS Linux Version 3 to released soon!

The third version of BOSS Linux  will probably be released this month or the next. The BOSS Linux website has some screen shots and features mentioned here. BOSS is a relatively new distribution, when you compare it with other popular distributions such as Ubuntu which has already had 8 releases with the 9th one now now under active development. Heres my wishlist for the new version:
-Kernel 2.6.25 (Ubuntu 8.04 has 2.6.24, the latest stable version of the Linux kernel is 2.6.26)
-Gnome 2.22.x
-KDE 4.1.x
-Xfce 4.4.x    (for those with slower hardware)
These are just a few of the things i would like to see in BOSS Linux version 3.0, apart from this I would like to see lots of open source applications with Indian developers being made a part of the default installation. Anjuta IDE is one such project( We can have BOSS Linux act as a platform for Open Source projects in India. This will encourage more and more Indian developers to take up open source developement. Naba Kumar from Manipur founded the project and is it’s lead developer with a host of other developers from around the world contributing to the project. Anjuta is already a part of the BOSS Linux version 2.0 ‘Anant’ repository.

The BOSS Linux website says the kernel will be 2.6.22, thats a bit of a dissapointment. To be honest I am not expecting the latest versions of KDE or GNOME either, but hey wishful thinkings tax free 😉 Most users will be happy as long as its a stable system with newer packages. I am keeping my fingers crossed, lets hope this version attracts lots and lots of new users and BOSS v3 becomes a common name in the Linux desktop (& server) space in India. 🙂

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