Web browsers for BOSS Linux

My installation of BOSS Linux ( ‘Anant’ – v2.0 ) came with firefox pre-installed, I currently use Iceweasel . There are quite a few web-browsers on the BOSS Linux package repository.

Debian had licensing issues with the Mozilla corporation on the conditions for the use of the name Firefox, so they decided to re-brand Firefox as Iceweasel. Heres the full story from @ wikipedia.Most add-ons, skins and other goodies from Firefox work with Iceweasel too, most Firefox users would feel right at home with Iceweasel.

To install Iceweasel from the BOSS Linux package repository you can either type “apt-get install iceweasel” if you are logged in as the root user or type “sudo apt-get install iceweasel”  on the terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal). If in case you are not much of a command line person 🙂 use synaptic (Click System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager), you’ll find Iceweasel on the list of packages. Click here for my post on setting up synaptic for BOSS Linux, you’ll find this post helpful even if you are planning to use apt-get as its got information on configuring the /etc/apt/sources.list file.

Then theres Dillo, a small(around 355kb to download) but furiously fast GTK+ based browser. It doesn’t support CSS, Javascript or Java. This means most web page layouts will not look like they should and you can’t login to check mail among other things. However the good thing is most online advertising wont work without Javascript support either, so no more pop-ups or irritating insite ads ;). Dillos good for plain browsing, but the lack of CSS support is a problem. As of now the project is frozen due to lack of sponsorship. Click here to visit the official website and do help the developers out if you can 🙂

Apart the above two, there are other browsers like epiphany(GNOME’s web browser), chimera2, elinks (an advanced text mode WWW browser) and a few more. These are only what you’ll find in the BOSS Linux package repositories (use synaptic or apt to download). There are lots of other open source web browsers that are not a part of the repository but can always be compiled and used.


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