Changing the GRUB menu’s background on BOSS v2.0 ( Anant ) Linux

March 1, 2008

Find yourself a nice grub backgroung image, these are .xpm.gz image files.

You can look them up using your favorite search engine, or have a look here:


or here:

or here:


Now that you have the splash image, lets put it up there!


Backup /boot/grub/menu.lst


In menu.lst look for the section that lists out the Operating Systems, it’ll be something like:

## ## End Default Options ##


title BOSS GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.21-1-486

root (hd1,7)

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.21-1-486 root=/dev/hdd8 splash=silent vga=791

initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.21-1-486


(… continued)

You need to check the partition mentioned for root, in the above example it is (hd1,7), now paste the following text above ## ## End Default Options ##


Remember to replace (hd1,7) with the right partition from your menu.lst file.Also remember to replace the filenme with the nme of your .xpm.gz file.


Now, reboot you should be able to see the new GRUB background image at work. 🙂


Changing the Distributor Logo on BOSS Linux : How-To

March 1, 2008

start-here.pngThis is the default distributor icon the shows up on the menu bar on BOSS Linux, its like the windows logo on the start button. This is a how-to on changing this logo.


I have tried this on BOSS v2.0 (Anant) Linux’s Gnome desktop.


Find yourself the icon you want to use, use any image editor of your choice to resize the image to 22×22 pixels.



Look for start-here.png in:


rename it to start-here.png.old for backup.


paste your icon there and rename it as start-here.png and reboot.


This works on BOSS Linux running Gnome 2.18.2



For other distributions(Ubuntu etc) try searching for filename

<i> start-here </i> (Places>Search for files, be sure to select Filesystem). You’ll find many instances of the same file of different sizes. You can then change the icons by trial & error, be sure to keep copies of the original icons just in case something goes wrong.


A similar how-to for Ubuntu can be found here.