Creating a shortcut to a folder in BOSS Linux running Gnome

February 8, 2008

Creating a shortcut to a folder

  1.     Right Click on the Desktop
  2.     Select Create Launcher
  3.     Let the Type field be Application
  4.     Type the name of the shortcut in the Name field
  5.     in the Command field type: nautilus “path to folder in double quotes”
  6.     you can select any icon you want by clicking the icon button.
  7.     Click ok and you will now be see a shortcut to the folder on the desktop.

An alternate way to do this is to drag the folder with a middle or both button mouse click and drop it at the point where you want the shortcut to appear.


Changing the default Gnome Splash screen on BOSS in 3 easy steps!!!

February 2, 2008

Heres one of the ways you can change the default splash screen that appears after login.
1. Install gTweakUI from synaptic(Click System>Administration>Synaptic you’ll find gTweakUI on the list of applications there)

2. You can use a splash screen image of your own or search for some on the internet, i used one from Gnome Art. Once you’ve found yourself a splash screen, you’ll need to save it somewhere, i saved it here:
Thats where the default splash screen is saved.

3.Now we’ll use gTweakUI to change to the new splash screen. Go to:

System>Preferences>gTweakUI Session
You’ll see your current slash screen displayed there, click it to change to the new splash screen. You will have to select the new splash screen from where you saved it. Click close and you’re done! Log off and log back in see the new splash screen in action.