Setting up Synaptic on BOSS Linux

Heres how you can setup synaptic to be able to download packages from BOSS Linux’s online repository.

Open /etc/apt/sources.list using your favorite text editor (Gedit, vi etc), It is advisable to create a backup of the existing sources.list file, you can try renaming it as sources.list.old or any such name that makes sense to you.

if you are doing this for the first time you’ll see the link for the CD-ROM in there, remove it before proceeding.

Paste the following as a single line of text in the souces.list file:

deb anant main contrib non-free

save the file and close the editor.

Now make sure you are connected to the internet and open Synaptic(System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager) and press the refresh button, Synaptic will now download the list of application from the online repository. You can select the application you need and install it.


Depending on your version on BOSS Linux you may need to change the contents of the string deb anant main contrib non-free. Refer to the user manual which is usually found on the Desktop for details. I am using version 2.0 and the above settings work for me,

You can also add repositories to the sources.list file from within Synaptic by Clicking Settings>Repositories>Add and selecting a repository, however on my version of BOSS this leads to a wrong string http://pacakges… instead of http://packages…

Update for BOSS Linux Version 3.0 Tejas:

The string you need to add to your /apt/etc/sources.list file for BOSS Linux version 3.0 tejas is

deb tejas main contrib non-free

Update: The above line works for both BOSS Linux version 3 and version 3.1

For EduBOSS: Synaptic is configured during installation, there usually is not need to do it manually.

The line you need to add to /etc/sources.list for EduBOSS is:

deb eduboss main contrib non-free

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