Playing MP3s on BOSS Linux

So you are having trouble playing mp3s on BOSS??? Just about everybody has used Winamp, and a similar software exists on Linux too, its called xmms (x multimedia system) and heres how you can install it…

open a terminal window (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) and type in:

apt-get install xmms

press Enter and once the download is completed you will have xmms show up in

Applications> Sound & Video>XMMS

XMMS allows you to change the default skin, to change the skin right click anywhere on XMMS(except the playlist) and then click Options > Skin Browser just select a skin from the list and you are on 🙂 To get more skins visit the XMMS website , download the XMMS skin of your choice (it will be a .tar.gz file), place the file i:


where  … is the path to your home directory, for example if you login user ID is happy, your home directory will be /home/happy, so the directory to paste the skin file will be /home/happy.xmms/Skins

Happy Listening 🙂


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